Sunday, December 06, 2009

Just Saying

Friday I noted that Craftsman had made last minute Changes in his Copenhagen schedule.

The rhetoric from the administration remains apocalyptic and a random search of scare words and "global warming" generates grave, grave, grave predictions and protestations...

Fucking luddites, the lot of them.

I don't have the time or tech chops, but somebody should to do a "Hitler Rant" on Obama being told that Al Gore has backed out of Copenhagen.

Obama would explain that "Climategate" would only matter for a news cycle or two, but only if the scammers don't back off. I'd prefer that he refer to Mr. Gore as "the wooden man" at some point. Bonus points from the Academy if Biden gets labeled the "first White House garden gnome".

Obama would point out that the burlap boxer/bra-less/birkenstock legions that are the BASE don't read past the New York Times or watch anything but MSNBC or listen to anyone but NPR (except during pledge weeks). And how much "Climategate" news is there? Really?

He'd also remind Emmanuel, Gibbs, and Axelrod that all that one green world horseshit was just that, and that Team Craftsman was and always has been in the revolution business. He would also remind them that BIG lies are the key; that turning back, temporizing, or stooping to honest debate are certain roads to defeat.

That little bit at the end of the video, where Hitler's voice drops and he is hunched over the table - that could be rewritten to show Craftsman directing that his minions get busy about finding the next CEO for GM. No particular care should be taken that the candidate be fit for the job; they just need somebody who looks good on TV and won't go tits up before they are ready for him/her to go...

AGW is this administration's "Jewish Problem". Make no mistake about it.

Feh. Maybe I've overdone my Craftsman attention for the week.

You have a fine Sunday, and a better week. I'll be shoveling snow tomorrow.

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