Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Required Reading

Found via American Digest:

" Communists are now nationalists – or national socialists – who have embraced capitalist means in order to achieve the end of capitalism. They do not admit to being Marxists, full of resentment against “that eminent distinction” that “really is distinction.” They call themselves democrats. They win elections under various false flags. They participate the in the process of leveling on their own terms. "

In other news -

On day one of my three days off for Memorial Day, I crushed my left middle toe by allowing an extension ladder to collapse on it.

It sucks getting old. I broke safety protocol first by attempting to collapse the ladder while it was vertical, then compounded my error by pulling both left and right locks at the same time. I had enough time, as the extended section whistled down, to think "I'll pay for this". If I still had reflexes would have more usefully extracted foot from impact area...

I spent Saturday night on the sofa with my foot iced and elevated. This morning the digit was a shade of dark purple more usually seen on Roman cloaks, so off to Critical Care for an xray. Radiologist said broken, doc said badly bruised.

Tomorrow... don't know. Going to bed in half an hour. Will figure out tomorrow when it gets here.

It will just be another day in the age of the One. And me, still waiting for my rocket car. Fishing maybe. More likely run across the lake and burn some powder.

Never pester the radiologist. Diagnosis is not her job.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Required Reading

From Belomont Club, best comment I've seen on a blog in years:

"The Fed is an independent entity. It is a network of 12 Regional Federal Reserve banks. The Presidents of these Regional Fed banks are chosen by an independent board of directors. Each Regional Fed bank is owned by member banks, but the board is controlled by non-bankers (6 non-bankers, 3 bankers).

This means that the control of the Fed banks is in the hands of private citizens, and not Congress. Each President works for their respective board, which hires and fires them.

Some folks complain about this arrangement, but it has saved our bacon, IMHO. This independence has allowed the Fed to act without having to go to Congress or the White House for permission. This keeps its OODA loop tight, and helps shelter it from partisan political fights. Its independence has also allowed the US dollar to be the world’s reserve currency.

But here’s things get sticky. The Obama Administration is proposing the most dramatic expansion of Federal spending in history. Trillions of dollars will be added to the Federal Debt during the next 3-4 years, and if they pass healthcare reform, it will get even worse. In addition, by increasing marginal tax rates, economic growth will slow, and growth is the only way we can eventually pay off the debt we have accumulated.

It's all good.

In other news, I had a clinic day at the range on Saturday. I believe that the M91/59 Mosin carbine probably represents the cream of the crop as far as mechanical condition is concerned among that vast ocean of old Russian bolties floating around out there. It would appear that the Commies converted their best 91/30's into the 59's.

I will have the holiday weekend off. I'm trying to get the Goddesses out for a fishing day, but their social calendars are probably already booked. If it's not fishing I'll ask a couple of friends out to Tibble Fork to go fishing and maybe even gold panning.

We are going great guns on my project. Scary fast, some have said. We are going to run out of mud in about two months at the rate we are going, then there will be nowhere to go but up.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning Order

I'd like to be upbeat, but I just don't have the will.

Today I see that defining Chrysler's advertising budget has become a presidential duty.

That suddenly Mr. Obama understands what a shit tsunami would accompany releasing more Abu Ghraib photos; what looked like an easy sop to his vicious, anti-American base turns out to carry a cost he declines to pay.

In financial circles, the sucker's rally continues as congress continues to explore yet more ways to tax individuals and businesses.

Just how great a tax burden they will hammer us with is a mystery. What is absolutely certain is that they will continue to shield their own from any annoying questions about ethics.

Here at the home of Utah we are doubling emergency cash on hand at the house, refilling prescriptions out to three months, and have decided to double our garden area. I don't know when I'll find time to tend it properly but I think that come fall we'll be glad we grew our own this year...

What a joke we have become.

Won't be anybody laughing by August, I'm thinking.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Day Of Rest

I just finished watching a couple of episodes of 'Firefly' with Mrs. Utah. Damn, the good die too young, don't they?

We watched 'Serenity' earlier in the week.

In it, the captain utters one of the greatest lines in Hollywood history:

"I aim to misbehave."

Think I'll get that on a smallish sticker for the rear window of my Dakota.

Shooting tomorrow morning. I'm taking a Mosin out across the lake and am going to shoot jugs until I get tired. Then it will be home for yard work until it's time for Mrs. Utah's famous Sunday Night Spaghetti Feast. Now with TWO kinds of homemade bread!

I hope you have a fine week. Comrade. Because now we ALL are comrades...

But I aim to misbehave a bit, myself...