Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wonder...

A poor read indeed, but I made it through the transcript of the State of the Union speech.

I am incapable of listening to the man any more. I thought that the Clintons were offensive but the revulsion induced from being lied to by that happy duo of grifters pales in comparison to the clumsy dishonesty, hubris, and arrogance that is The Won.

In one future to unfold there could be a Democrat desertion from the field; a wholesale retirement or even abandonment of seats from both the senate and the house.

Obama is clinical. He's already killed the Democrats. He's lining up the country for a head shot next.

The first man with black skin elected president, and he ran as a Democrat.

There's no way in Hell they will clean their own mess, our Democrat friends.

They'll bail. And in the midst of the rubble of our once great nation, as the pundits dissect the sad fate of The Won, the Democrats will begin to whisper how racist it was of the Republicans to take down that articulate and clean black man...

Buckle up.

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