Saturday, January 02, 2010

Range Report

Mrs. Utah and I spent a loud couple of hours at Rangemasters of Utah with a friend and coworker of mine. We brought my Springer MilSpec, a Glock Model 26, and our Ruger P89.

He brought his Springfield XD/9 Compact, and I have to say that had I had an opportunity to try one of these head to head with the Glock 26 (last year's Christmas present from Mrs. Utah) I might have filled out my wish list a tad differently.

The two pistols are almost identical in exterior dimensions. Perceived weight in the hand with loaded magazines was very similar as well.

Both compact pistols use a safety action trigger and have striker actions. The XD has a light rail where the 26 does not, and the geometry of the XD trigger was surprisingly comfortable. We traded pistols for a couple of magazines and I actually shot smaller groups with his pistol (nine yards) than I was getting with my .45.

Mrs. Utah humbled the both of us, however, with whatever pistol she happened to be shooting at the moment, which meant that we had a standard range day outing.

No stoppages or FTF for any of us. My friend buys a lot of reloaded ammo from Center Street Brass in Provo. His 115gr FMJ reloads were quite snappy, with expended cases showing some primer deformation and other signs of high pressure. I gave him a box of my 115 FMJ (Blue Dot 8.0 gr.). Cases from my reloads showed no signs of high pressure; his groups tightened up a little but we didn't whip out the compass to generate a number.

A fine day was had by all.

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