Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Easy Call To Make. No Good Outcome.

General McChrystal should be relieved, immediately.

Failure to do so is just icing on the cake of incompetence and and ineptness that is this administration.

The President of the United States has never hesitated to exercise civilian control over the military when the need was clear and present. Gen. McChrystal's public statements are disloyal to a degree that makes it necessary to relieve and retire him immediately. That the general's staff was poorly led enough to become ammunition in the same article is merely additional proof of the lack of leadership and absence of character that permeates the organization.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are lost. They are over as was the American involvement in Vietnam ended with the ink wet on the paper of the Paris Peace accords. No Democrat congress/Socialis Marxist administration has any interest in dealing with resurgent Islam; less even than in defending our sovereignty or our borders. All that remains where (UPDATE) Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran (END UPDATE) is concerned is to see where the political and human costs will be ultimately levied. A military leader in McChrystal's position, knowing this reality, had two options: push for militarily efficient retreat, and call it what it was, or to resign.

I have no clue what McChrystal thought whining to the Rolling Stone would do for himself, or for the military he thought he might be helping...

His actions make MacArthur's insubordination to Truman look like a class move.

Fire him, or just cement the accurate perception by the world that Obama is incapable of executive command.

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