Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poorly Yet Honestly Presented

I believe the relationship that now exists between the citizenry and our government - state and local - has evolved to a situation strongly akin to the policy known as mercantilism that was in large part the proximal cause of our original revolution.

Our contemporary political class behaves more as rulers than representatives. Their observed conduct in economic matters defies logic; is it simple corruption, or merely ideological fantasy, that drives their agendas?

The incumbency rate of legislators coupled with the rise of power of public employee unions explains the vicious circle of payoffs to the latter in return for donations to the former. Yes, that's a quid for the pro...

I know the analogy is weak, but at bottom we have a ruling class that has defined the good of the nation as what is best for itself, right now. The elite act as if they are managers of a static environment, and the world is anything but. Something (more) is going to give, and soon.

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