Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Here it is Wednesday (fifteen more minutes at least) and I've got thirty three hours on the clock already.

I have been staking curb for roads all week. And setting redheads. And mapping utilities (power, water, sewer, electric, comms, gas) as they are built. And staking out for yet more utilities.

The common facilities area for my development was just permitted Tuesday morning. I've already staked out the property and limit of disturbance lines for it. There will be a clubhouse, pro shop, cart facility, restraunt, lodge, and event hall in this area. When the time comes I'll stake those out, too. If you are familiar with the way resort areas are furnished around Park City you will have some idea of what is happening up here.

I haven't spent a lot of time on news lately. I was gratified to see the shuttle mission scrubbed; you just shouldn't return to space on the thirteenth of any month. Orbits be damned.

I've been keeping an ear open to find out exactly what the Plame case is going to reduce to; I've never believed that Karl Rove was the source that "outed" that sorry excuse for a CIA hack.

If he had, it would have been in every paper in the country before the last election.

What about Judith Miller? I'm leaning toward a theory that if she actually had a source that outed Plame, the identity of that person will turn out to be a disgruntled CIA staffer - or she will have to admit that Plame was already a well-known denizen among the anti Republican/anti Bush cabal that seems to permeate agencies like State and CIA.

Or just possibly, Miller will have to admit that she already knew who Plame was, exactly what Plame's role was in getting Wilson a job, and then that she tried to do her bit for the team by assisting in the full court press media had against Bush.

If I were a high-profile Times apartchik I think I'd rather sit in jail on a contempt charge shrouded in martyr's robes by my peers than than go down in the history books as the hack that finally brought down the Newspaper of Record.

No links, alas.

I hope to have Sunday off. I'll be here if I get out of bed.

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