Sunday, July 03, 2005

Recycled Content

I put up a lengthy comment on one of Michael J. Totten's always interesting posts.

Commenter novakant wrote:

"Maybe because there is no connection apart from the Bush administration's wishful thinking and intentionally misleading rhetoric. The "War on Terror" is a lame attempt at creating a carte blanche for anything and everything the WH wants to do, nothing else. 9/11 gave them that chance and they are milking it still."

I tire of public displays willful ignorance in attempting to justify opposition to this administration. Especially when the lives of millions, and the prospects for peace and freedom for millions, hang in the balance.

Down in the gunroom I have a shelf. On it sits a broken bear statue and a copy of the Koran. I believe I'm going to have to pick up a donkey statue and add it to the roll of opponents to be beaten.

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