Sunday, July 24, 2005

That Magic Moment

I've accumulated enough small arms ammunition to satisfy my requirements for "reasonable stock on hand" should civilization fold up. I may not have to reload in any caliber for the next six months.

This means I have to buy a locking container light enough for me to hump down into the bomb shelter (former owner's doing) that sits under the backyard and is accessed via my basement. I've researched a few purpose-built products but will probably end up buying a jobsite toolbox from a pawnshop, then cutting a series of slots or holes in the top and front for blast panels.

I ended up with a three day weekend; Monday is a state holiday and my project is on track to the extent that we didn't have to work. I've fixed my lawn sprinklers, cleaned the bathroom, and done some washing today, on top of ammo inventory.

What? No politics? You are correct.

The London bombings, the Roberts nomination, and the Dem's latest efforts to sabotage the war are just noise behind my life right now. I follow some milblogs (link is my gateway), touch base at Wretchard's place, hit Totten and Simon and Instapundit... and I never miss Van der Luen.

We are in intermission.

It will be our turn, again, and soon. If not today, or next month, our turn is approaching. London is merely an ongoing sand table exercise to determine tactics. If they can successfully execute attacks against the most monitored western city in the world, they can repeat the operations here with even more effect. As a nation, we refuse to recognize the nature, and the necessary response, to the enemy.

What to do... what to do...?

I think I'll go help square away our kitchen, then finish cleaning my garage.

Have a fine week.

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