Friday, May 23, 2008

Context Please?

The following vid appears to confirm what a lot of conservative folks thought about the 2006 elections:

I would really like to know where this happened, and what the occasion was. It's a real privilege to see an old hand laying out the tools of the trade, just the same.

Oh, and this is the first video link from Three Rounds Brisk.

We live in wondrous times.

UPDATE: Here's the playah:

"In the 11th Congressional District, Congressman Kanjorski is best known for his efforts to harness federal resources to stimulate economic development and support job creation. He has advanced vital projects such as the $250 million Wyoming Valley Levee Raising Project to protect residents from flooding and the $48 million renovation of the VA Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre. Congressman Kanjorski has also continued to increase flood protection throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania by helping to secure federal funding for multiple flood control projects."

He was a trial lawyer before he hit the big time.

We... the Democrats..." and "Now anybody who was a good student of government knew that wasn't true".

Damn. Honesty is just busting out all over, isn't it?

UPDATE II: Just another defender of American exceptionalism and free markets.

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