Saturday, May 31, 2008

Manly Pursuits For The Weekend

Shooting at Lee Kay?

Nah. The High Command dumped a mission folder on me as I tied on my boots this morning. My mission, which has nothing of the taint of "if you choose to accept it", is actually a string of intermediate objectives like this:

1. Mow the back lawn.

2. Plant the flowers that Mom will bring home in the front beds, and pick yer own for the brick box off the dining room.(Mom is down hard with a summer cold. I did the shopping today -- no flowers.)

3. Coordinate with the West neighbor on completing reconstruction of the W'ly fence line, which still needs pickets.

4. Clean out the right bay of the garage. (Not as clean as I want it, but cubic is precious.)

5. Estimate and purchase sufficient OSB, 15/32 CDL, and 1"x6" sufficient to re-skin the garage addition.

There's more that needs doing ... but that's enough for today.

Shooting TOMORROW at Lee Kay.

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