Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

We got our pander payment yesterday. I purchased two hundred fifty rounds of .223 in 55gr soft point. It's official:

I now have enough ammunition.

And if you knew me, that statement would make your jaw drop. But it's true, just the same.

Today: Yardwork. Tomatoes to be planted. Flower bed to be cleaned out. Lawns are already mowed, next comes fertilizer spikes around the drip line of our mighty, late spring budding, Catawba tree. Weed n' feed the lawn, use Life Begone herbicide on the dirt back drive and the edges of the concrete drives and garage foundation. Paint the vehicle gate on the back fence. Also, helping the One True Love finish details with the near-complete living room remodel on a by-request basis.

I hope to go pistol shooting at Orem Rec Center later today.

Ongoing blogblather: here, here,here, here, and most important of all, here.

Things to look forward to:

Hanging shelf standards where the bookshelves used to live, at the landing on top of the stairs leading from our living room to the basement.

Finding out how the Lyme disease test comes out. I fear I studied for that exam. But it will be nice to have some idea why my major joints don't want to get with the program.

I worked three days last week.

Hope your weekend is going great, and that the coming week brings you good luck and great joy.

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