Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good News In Green

We just got our first letter from our friend AJ. He went to high school with our oldest daughter and was our guest for many a lazy Sunday and also helped out immensely with our recent living room remodel. Well, he graduated last spring and and has been out at Ft. Jackson, SC for most of the summer learning how to be a soldier.

AJ and his friend Casey came out shooting with us on a couple of occasions, and I was happy to let them both get a feel for our Bushmaster carbine. I warned them that the Army and Navy would have their own training and that they should not put too much weight on anything I might pass along. It's not that I would give them bum data, but that "different" can and does happen.

AJ sent:

"Papa: I got the Sharp Shooter award, the highest marksmanship (score?) in my platoon, and the second highest in the company. I've got to thank you for teaching me how to shoot with that Bushmaster.

It's cool when a whole family helps a friend be a better person. There are many traits I've picked up from the Jones family. I've learned to be accepting of people, to be patient, to be a good leader, and to work hard to get where I need to be...

He also got to shoot a live AT-4. Feh, next he'll try to impress me with stories about his personal helicopter.

All Marines know how the Army hands their toys out. Geeze.

Casey leaves for the Navy in September. He thinks he wants to spend a lot of time getting wet and sandy. We shall see. I already know he'll do okay with a rifle.

I am very proud of the both of them.

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