Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zoom Zoom. Maybe. Maybe Not.

Well, we went out to Wendover for the ProSolo SCCA event this weekend.

I need opinions:

1. C stock class suspension set up. Konis or KYB's?. Replace the factory springs? The Miata is six years old but only has about thirty K miles on it.

2. Front sway bar. What maker, what size? I'll be replacing ALL the bushings I can with Delrin.

3. Under hood body brace. What maker?

In addition, we are going to buy a set of Falken Azenis high performance street tires (17" - arrghh limitied edition!) on a set of light utility racing wheels.

I don't drive. I just do the maintenance.

Mrs. Tmj set the course record for the C-stock ladies class at the Wendover Solo2 National Event back in ... '95?... co-driving her boss's '91 Miata. That was on race rubber and with the max suspension work that would leave the car in the stock class.

We have been back in the mix with her current car, a showroom stock 2001 Miata Limited Edition, for two seasons... and Mom has seen enough tail lights. She wants to be competitive.

Strike that. She wants to dominate, because she's a racer. And I think that she will at least triple her enjoyment once we get the car just a little stickier on the ground. Speed and power are never the problems with a Miata - it's managing those two factors and staying on the course.

It's nice to see friends and smell the smoke and burned rubber. But trophies... they make every thing a little more worthwhile.

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