Monday, August 11, 2008

Time Waster

Here's the comment I left here:

"I love my country more than I hate John McCain, but until today I was going to leave my support at the level of a begrudged vote in November. Instead, I've got a McCain campaign snail mail solicitation opened here on the table in front of me, and my check book.

How much money do I need to donate to McCain '08 to show up on your radar?

I can't afford much, but to get a bunch of feckless douchebags like you into my trench I can dig deep.

Comments are moderated, naturally, so it won't be posted. Liberal bullies and cowards (redundancy alert)operate that way.

Please, join with me, and even if it makes your hair turn white, toss the Republican candidate a buck or two.

In other news, tomorrow is my last day with the outfit. Bad housing market, construction downturn, fuel costs. Back to school, I guess.

(via Mr. Reynolds and Iowahawk)

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