Friday, September 24, 2004

Life Intrudes

Here I am with my brand spanking new blog and I am up to my ass in alligators in the basement. I wish the people who put in the basement (you read that right - basement dug after the house was built) had believed in conservative design of electrical circuits. If I do laundry, turn on the hall light, and plug in a waffle iron the intermountain west will go dark. We are evaluating how many square feet of ceiling has to come down to establish a downstairs circuit breaker box.

No, I'm not an electrician. And this wiring would be rejected by any reputable castle dwelling mad scientist. Dave the amazingly able jack of all trades friend (routinely wanders through parts yards picking up scrap sheet metal, lug nuts, and tail light lens covers and shows up the next month with award winning show Landcruisers; he also dabbles in frame-up restoration/remodels) is officiating over the technical end of this and is just about ready to call in a contractor. Bleh.

In between reevaluating technical and style objectives for the basement, I've been reading "Warriors of God" by James Reston, Jr.. There may well be a book report submitted after I am done.

I've been a two-book a week reader forever. The flavor o'the lately has been biography interspersed with Terry Prachett or Patrick O'Brian. If anyone has suggestions for good reads, I'm always open to new talent.

Have a great weekend!

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mrbandw said...

Good blog. Count me in as a regular.