Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Multiple Subjects

Start with Lilek's...make that MISTER Lilek's "Bleat". It's true what the good book says: there are none so blind as those that won't see.

H/T Hugh Hewitt.

I don't know much about Ann Althouse beyond the fact I am finding her thoughts and writing referred to more and more often; today the Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) mentioned her. Ms. Althouse and I are moderate liberal swing voter and viking helmet broken glass conservative, but we both share common ground with the concept of a Mr. Kerry presidency. Substance, please. Nuance for nuance's sake becomes tiresome and attack without alternative becomes insulting.

I reckon it's time to find out more.

Crude prices are up. The Dow is down. The FEMA relief operations in post-Charley/Frances/Ivan/Jeanne Florida will exceed the efforts for both the Northridge earthquake and 9/11. Mount St. Helens may be building up to another eruption. We may witness something along the lines of Ted Kennedy after one too many scotches on clam chowder night at the compound.

I think that if we get nuked it will be because we don't kill enough terrorists fast enough. Not because we don't have the french or the U.N. waving pompoms from the sidelines. Call me simple.

DailyKos ruminates on (mostly political) blog popularity and the future of the medium from the left. I think that the force determining the future of blogdom is easy to define: the market. Build it well, and they will come. Lots of interesting links here, but the background hum of paranoia in the comments rises and falls as you navigate them.

Take that for what it's worth. If you had a meetup with all the people who have visited Three Rounds Brisk to date, you could split a KFC Family Size meal and take home leftovers.

You have yourself a fine Monday.

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