Monday, September 20, 2004

Mail Call

Today's outbound email:

Mr. Dave Phillips
VP/GM KUTV-TV Salt Lake City:

The willful and fraudulent attack on the incumbent president by the CBS news department marks a new low in the annals of what used to be thought of as journalism.

They had a story they wanted to sell. Problem was they had no facts. So they made them up. They still had no evidence. So they went out and got some from an "unimpeachable source". After a lot of serious reporting, they finally arrived at two quasi-qualified document authorities out of a field of six that didn't laugh outright at the memos they were asked to inspect. Then they rushed the story to publication in a coordinated effort with the DNC to amplify any impact the DNC "Fortunate Son" ad campaign might excite.

Until Dan Rather, his coterie of CBS enablers, and the source they are so desperately seeking to protect are repudiated by forced resignations or public exposure (in the case of the sources), there is clearly no basis of trust that can exist between your network and myself or my family. We can deal with crappy sitcoms by not watching them. What we will not tolerate is blatant abuse of the First Amendment freedoms and the supposed standards of public trust and ethics that news services are always so anxious to tell us they adhere to.

In the case of CBS, just say goodbye to all that. And your station, too, if you fail to aggressively and publicly demand the resignation of Mr. Rather, his producers, his immediate management, and a public apology on the part of the president of the network for allowing a fraud of this scale to be perpetrated.

I have deleted KUTV from our digital cable remote and removed your website from my suite of local information resources.

If Mr. Heyward lacks the character to can Mr. Rather within the next forty-eight hours, he's got no business running a carpet cleaning business, much less a flagship of American corporate journalism.

If you will not stand and publicly demand accountability of CBS, my family will just have to get by without your product.

CBS has written off the trust of their viewers an asset worth less than satisfying their own personal political agenda. That’s business suicide when the market they operate in (at least if they want to more than pretend they have a news division) is based solely on the trust of the consumer that they are getting information worth the time they invest in watching the broadcasts. You, as the subsidiary distributor of their product, have a responsibility to your viewers that you not become an accessory to what is now (and has been for the last week) so clearly a fraud of epic proportions.


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