Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Maintenance Day

Today was all about carpentry. And splinters. And a little bit of electrical work.

Oh, and what else...(via The Creator Of Worlds and Bill at INDC Journal) have a tsunami of timelines, dramatis personae, killer commentary, and links without end on the forgery mess. Both bloggers are the first stars I sight when I need help finding the way. Both are minus on sleep and probably ditto on bandwidth after their magnificent work of the last week. Pray consider bestowing a modest shower of gold upon them when you next go on board. Let's see: Dan Rather still thinks he's got some business in journalism. Strike that: he still is selling the documents aren't fake. Joe Lockhart is waiting to be subpoenaed or worse; those phone calls from Chappaqua can end careers. Max Cleland probably has his wheelchair checked for 'packages' under the seat every morning by now. Mary Mapes is lawyered up. Burkett was lawyered up, then he wasn't, and his former lawyer seems willing to put that client/attorney kind of to the side in order to protect his Texas political ambitions. Burkett's supposed source has been identified as George O. Conn, a former WO in the TNG - army side. Problem is he's on record as having no clue what Burkett is talking about.

I see a gold mine for Saturday Night Live skits but maybe they don't do anxiety convulsions of democrats the same way they yip it up about Dick Cheney dropping with a heart attack? They could at least do "Throwing CBS Producers Off The Sled To Be Eaten By The Wolves", though; that would be cool. Wolves are so PC these days.

I'm old. I remember when SNL was funny.

If Burkett sues and CBS settles does the story die a death of non-disclosure? I'll wait for Beldar to weigh in on that one.

And a second American contractor was murdered today under the auspices of the religion of peace. The time is coming when they'll regret their actions. They'll pay for their obstruction, their arrogant denial of duty in a world we are attempting to defend from evil. They cannot win by stabbing better men in the back....oh, sorry, drifted. I was going to talk about Kerry and the Democrats tomorrow. My bust.

John Kerry gave a landmark speech in which he managed to contradict himself over fourteen times, piss off his base, and insult the intelligence of any voter who reads above a fourth grade level. Wrong audience; he would have been a rave at the U.N. I heard about it today but it may well have been delivered yesterday but it doesn't really matter. As soon as the next round of polls tells him which demographic is U-hauling their votes away from his failed candidacy next, he'll nuance up another speech just for them. Jim Geraghty of National Review has been riding the mother of all waves of Kerry Spot info for literally days now. He's having to eat the fish that swim by; check the time stamps on his posts.

Hat tip to Allah for identifying that first step...and nobody knows if a thousand leagues will be even close to the end of this journey.

Be safe, y'all. Pull those breakers out; don't just flip them to "off". Trust me on this.

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