Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ding Ding Liberal Iraqi Arriving

Mr. Totten is a plank owner here at Three Rounds Brisk, and has been similarly honored by Ali of liberal Iraq.

Many contemporary political labels fail to accurately describe what they once did; what passes for "liberal" in the contemporary Western political lexicon seldom rises above hack populism at best or camouflaged socialism at worst.

I consider myself a quasi- Burkean (I'm weak on preordainment) and after reading Ali's explanation of his political goals-

Back to Iraq and the main topic of this post, I and many freedom-loving Iraqis see traditions whether Islamic or tribal in origin as the main obstacle towards our march for a free democratic Iraq. You can count Arab nationalism as another obstacle in this field. We, those who call ourselves liberal Iraqis, are totally against such traditions and rotten ideologies. We see ourselves as part of humanity and that's all. Some people in Iraq accuse us of being too liberal to the degree where we lack a real identity. This is not true, as we have one and it's called humanity.
So there's no sophisticated ideology that I endorse, I just support freedom of press, freedom of expression, women's freedom, separation of "Church from the state", freedom of religion and limited control by the government over economy. I do, however support strongly international aggressive interference in countries' internal policies to save others from oppression and humiliation.

- I see in Ali a kindred spirit.

I believe that freedom is a common dream of all men. I look forward to following Ali's commentary as the future unfolds for all of us. I encourage anyone who stops by to follow, and link to, his story.

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