Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Heartless Military/Industrial Complex

Via Instapundit comes this from Powerline:

The first point is that you'll recollect that one of the questions was the status of the 278 ACR; in other words, the date that we had the visit by the secretary of Defense, we had a question about their up-armoring status. When the question was asked, 20 vehicles remained to be up-armored at that point. We completed those 20 vehicles in the next day. And so over 800 vehicles from the 278 ACR were up-armored, and they are a part now of their total force that is operating up in Iraq.

This story is a week old. The furor over the supposed ill-preparedness of the 278th RCT plus the selective reporting of Secretary Rumsfeld response has been fodder for an avalanche of negative press and occasioned several negative remarks from even Republican lawmakers.

Now it turns out that the real situation was that only twenty vehicles remained to be uparmored at the time the planted question was dropped on Rumsfeld. And those twenty vehicles were uparmored, per the pre-existing schedule, within twenty four hours of the news conference.

Where's the courageous journalist/agent provocateur Mr. Pitts now? Since he's embedded with the 278th, and in light of his high moral dudgeon over the seriousness of the situation, why hasn't he reported on this?

Fuck him. And the national media that glommed onto his sabotage.

Look, my traffic is modest, but there are indeed people who stop by. I will gladly continue to draw my pictures on the wall in the depths of the cave all by my lonesome with nary a comment on whether or not I can draw a water buffalo but I do ask that if you have a blog or email list, please pass the Powerline link above on to your friends.

This war will be ultimately won by ideas . We are swimming with anvils if we allow the media to continue to sabotage the war effort in their quest to bring down this administration.

Call them on their bullshit. Pass the word.

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