Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I should have expected it...

... but since I was at home and between chores, I fired up the TV for the first time in literally weeks and witnessed CNN's "Crossfire" in all its (lack of) glory.

Paul Begala is still counting the seconds until CNN realizes they could get better ratings and save a lot of money by stacking a hundred seventy pounds of manure in his chair. According to him, President Bush should have been out there shedding tears for the camera instead of organizing the federal response now underway.

I'm glad we've got a president and not the endless candidate. Glad, and grateful.

Mr. Begala, a big single- finger salute would be in order if you were worth the effort.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) is an embarassment. In her world, the U.S. is obligated to transfer wealth to the Third World because we CAN. She temporized her original ejaculation after Novak called her on it, but the honest answer was her first one. Just embarassing. I can't say anything more than that about her.

Robert Novak's expression as he talks with these goombas reminds me of all the times I explained the science of water flowing downhill to a client who just didn't have a clue. Less frequently I had similar conversations with contractors or clients who knew exactly what the score was and were just trying to set the stage for a fraudulent back charge to cover their own mistakes.

Always watch the eyes. They are indeed windows into the soul. Professional bass- like fish eyes like Begala semaphore dishonesty just as much as the wide- eyed earnestness of Ms. Norton.

Small people in very big times.

How long will it take the Democrats to rejoin our political process? If Crossfire is any indication, they are no closer to providing alternatives or constructive criticism now than they were before the election...

... which was the last time I paid any attention to what they were saying. I understand they are pissed off. I GET it, o.k.?

Is it too much to ask for them to articulate viable options? I guess so.

Update: 4:48PM - Added link to CNN transcript. If you go, get in and get out. I try not to give MSM any traffic if I can possibly help it.

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