Sunday, December 19, 2004

SPEED. Sort of.

UTA answered my email:

Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for taking the time to commend our operator for her attention to safety on Friday. She obviously does take safety seriously, and I am happy you were able to avoid an accident. Your email is the best written and most heartfelt letter of commendation I have ever seen for an operator. I am touched by your gratitude.

I have recognized her with a letter of commendation and a gift as a token of my appreciation. You will be happy to know it made coming to work early this morning just a little easier for us both. Thanks again and have a merry Christmas.

(name omitted)
Operations Supervisor
Timpanogos Division

Come Tuesday, our house will be filled with family from across the country. My wife and her two sisters are compelled by mighty forces to continuously cook when they are under the same roof. We'll be delivering a few platters of Mexican Wedding, chocolate chip, and peanut blossom cookies down to the bus barn on Geneva Road before Christmas eve.

God bless us, each and every one! Merry Christmas, everybody.

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