Saturday, June 04, 2005

Brother WON'T Spare A Dime

What was that the president said so long ago?:

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists or those who support them."?

Is it possible thatthat policy goal went the same place that limited government, fiscal discipline, and principled conservatism did?

Is it a negotiable position - like, say, shitting on the Constitution to play nice with a MINORITY that got that way because a MAJORITY of voters wanted to see CONSERVATIVES in control of the advise and consent part of appointing judges?

I am very unhappy. Very tired. We can lose this war, and it appears that our leadership is capable of allowing that to happen. We will not be beat on the field. We will fold up from within.

Occupying the White House, holding majorities in Congress, and having a bunch of squealling fucktards running the party opposite them has allowed the Republicans slide into crony politics.

I registered back to Independent last week. I hope I have candidates that I can vote for in 2006. The Republicans get no donations, no favorable comment, no volunteer time until they grow some balls and start leading and governing instead of sucking the Washington teat.

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