Thursday, June 30, 2005

Independence And Responsibility Addendum -

I was trolling the Purser's List and found that The Anchoress had discovered a gem of an essay that nicely dovetailed with my previous rant:

"The anti-western left has, over the course of history, fallen time after time for the propaganda of murderous tyrants who offered a handy platform for bashing the home society by providing the alibi of conscience. The investment of personal, political and moral identity that this represents is so immense that after a short while such gullible dupes are simply incapable of recognising reality even when it stares them in the face. Hence their stupefaction when confronted with the enormities of Robespierre, Stalin or Mao. To that list must now be added the Islamic jihad and Saddam Hussein. The difference is that this time these useful idiots have taken the middling people of Britain and Europe – and increasingly, it seems, of America – with them into the land of deluded wishful thinking. The result could be that this war against the jihadi terror could be lost -- at home."

The excerpt above is the conclusion of the essay. Read the rest at Melanie Phillip's Diary.

Ms. Phillips writes much better than I do. She has also included a delightful chronology of some of the history of al Qaida terror, Iraq, and just how intellectually hollow leftists and dishonest media deal with the reality they cannot bring themselves to accept.

Spoiler: They lie like cheap rugs. But then you already knew that.

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