Saturday, June 04, 2005

TmjUtah Weighs In On Guantanomo, The Koran, And Terrorists:

It would be cheaper to shoot them where we catch them.

They bring one, they can keep it as long as they need it. See the first sentence.

See the first sentence.

Even after all this time, I am still blindsided by the stupidity of what passes for "elite" media in this country. Rueters never fails to come through in the clutch, either.

It's an uproar only because the Leftist western media has run out of anything else to sling against the wall.

Show me dead terrorists and elected governments. That's currency I can count.

We shouldn't be taking any prisoners. None. Issue our guys with something like a business card with a cite from the appropriate article in the Geneva conventions dealing with illegal combatants on one side. The reverse should offer bounties to be paid for information leading to the location of more terrorists, printed in the local language.

Print them by the pallet. Drop one on every dead terrorist.

The enemy hopes that we aren't serious about this war, and they have good reason to hope. Worse, there's only so many Iraqis or Lebanese or Ukrainians who are going to believe we are serious if we don't get to the business of killing the barbarians where they live. In Saudi, Syria, Iran, and WHEREEVER else we trace their trails.

(Via Captain's Quarters)

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