Sunday, June 26, 2005

Howard Pulls The Trigger

... and finds out that the weapon is indeed loaded.

There's a reason you aren't supposed to thumb back the hammer when the pistol is in the holster, Mr. Dean. You are just about out of feet by now, nyet?

I have admired Dennis The Peasant's wit and wisdom for years, extending back to when I was a regular commenter on Roger L. Simon's blog. Since Dennis established his own site he's just gotten better.

Aside: Last weekend's shooting outing was relaxing and fun. Oldest Goddess likes the new Bushmaster and Youngest Goddess has grown into the Ruger 10/22. The 500 yard watermelon survived, alas; I need new glasses. Mrs. Tmj shot her Ruger nine with the cool accuracy that never fails to impress.

Coaching tip: Never tell a student that "this pistol is only effective to fifty yards". They will never try to shoot milk jugs at a hundred if you do. And if they can hit a milk jug at a hundred yards with a semi-automatic pistol they can hit just about anything.

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