Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday Shopping

The OTL took the Goddesses out shopping at zero dark thirty this morning.

They reported amazing crowds. Twenty percent off your order at the fabric store, if you bought before nine a.m.. Lowes was packed, too, but they didn't offer any hint as to why they happened to be there. Heh. Oldest Goddess did NOT drive today - too intense for a learner's permit holder.

I've always had a strong dislike for shopping on this day. The deals are great, yes, but the stress just isn't worth it. I used to stand on the edge of the mall walkways and watch for the Perfectly Attired Woman carrying the bags from All The Right Stores. She always had that glassy happy smile on, but her eyes said "If I had a shotgun, you'ld all be DEAD!!!".

I did offer my shopping advice before they left but they decided to just do the old fashioned thing and tough out the lines.

Something about carrying an idling chainsaw on a sling always got me right to the register. It was either that or the hockey mask. Go figure.

The only commerce I have planned for today is to move out my blessed old (1987) Mighty 'Burb. I have replaced her with a 2002 Dakota quad and she's going to move on to either Mexico for parts or become the homebase for a bunch of Utah drywallers.

She was a good damned truck for almost then years, and I will miss her.

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