Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just So Everyone Understands Where I Stand

this is a hasty post. There will be no editing or links until later.

I listened to almost all of the President's speech this morning. I was programming a sewer alignment into my survey controller, and if I took an extra few minutes... well, maybe I was waiting for the tempature to break into double digits, o.k.?

I didn't hear anything "new" in the speech. I listened to the argument and debate before the war in 2003. I have followed the published aims and objectives since then and have noted where changes were made to adjust to the conditions on the ground.

The mission is to establish Iraq as a reprasentative republic. The challenge is to overcome four thousand years (give or take) of despotic rule and a culture impervious to flush toilet technology, much less democracy and rule of law.

Oh, and we also have to deal with homicidal maniacs bent on reestablishing the eighth century, too.

What I did hear was a clear commitment to a policy that was adopted and executed by the representative government of this nation. The end objective remains the same as it was when we set out on the mission; we were warned the job would be diffucult, expensive, and take a chunk of time to see through to success.

Those are the same points I heard made in the speech today. The President touched on accomplishments we have seen - elections, local government beginning to function in most of Iraq, the ongoing effort to restore infrastructure where it had failed through neglect or war damage, or to build it where it had never existed before.

He pointedly mentioned the ultimate sacrifice on the part of some individuals, both American and Iraqi, and recognised their heroism in pursuit of a noble goal.

He reaffirmed his committment to taking the fight to the enemy, and bearing good faith toward our troops and allies in the ongoing war.

Later, I listened to soundbites from various Democrat notables to include Senators Kerry and Clinton. And I hear that the august Mr. Dean thinks the Dems are going to run the table in 2006; at least enough for majorities in both the house and senate.

If it weren't for the elections of 2002 and 2004, the Democrats wouldn't be jumping through the hoops they are today. They could have acted out of conscience and honesty, and surrendered to the mullahs already.


The bastards who killed my friends in 1983 are the same bastards who killed our citizens in 2001. State or stateless, they are all tied together by the common thread of their membership in the Failed Culture Club of planet earth. While their world has existed in brutal stasis and leavened by abject failure and selfdestruction, the rest of the world has gone on to achieve better things.

Folks like us... well, we may deserve the Fat Dumb Happy Button. We're so fucking rich we can afford to have almost half our population stupid enough to elect Democrats. We've been afflicting ourselves with these parasites for a few generations now (we spare no expense in our vices, and what we aren't willing to spend they just steal) and today they are clearly become the enemy, and not just the opposition.

I'm just a land surveyor with a high school education, but even I understand that evil ignored will eventually become evil triumphant. That our Democrat party can put aside that head-chopping, WTC collapsing, and nuke armed Iran foofooraw in exchange for the POSSIBILITY they might be able to score political points by sabotaging our war effort is beyond the ethical limits of political calculation.

They have nothing to offer which will accrue electoral advantage to themselves. Faux populism, race farming, state regulation of every aspect of our lives, and a bald cynicism regarding the potential of individual human achievement. They do not seek to represent. They seek to rule.

They are consciously rendering aid to our enemies. They are no better than quislings.

I checked out of the Republican party shortly after the last election. The failure of the party to address border security and profligate spending were the issues that drove me to reregister as independant.

The only way to change a party is from within. The Reps lack congressional leadership, have been disgracefully lazy in their treatment of the constituent concerns that got them elected, and are frankly not who I would support if there was a better choice out there.

They did nominate a president who would fight for the country. That will have to be enough for me now. Allowing Democrats near the levers of power is not an option.

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