Tuesday, November 08, 2005

That's MISTER Vodkapundit...

This is required reading for anyone interested in seeing western civilization win World War IV.

Stephen Green writes:

"Previously, I wrote that in order to win the Terror War, we must "prove the enemy ideology to be ineffective," just as we did in the Cold War. In that conflict, we did so in three ways: by fighting where we had to while maintaining our freedoms, but most importantly by out-growing the Communist economies. I argued that similar methods would win the Terror War. We'd have to fight, we'd have to maintain our freedoms, but the primary key to victory in the Current Mess is taking the initiative.

What I didn't see then - but what I do see today - is what "taking the initiative" really means.

I'll have two of what he's having. Or I would, if I still drank that kind of stuff.

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