Sunday, February 10, 2008

Comment on Althouse

I put the following comment up on Professor Althouse's blog:

I had a kind of waking dream where Hillary! heaves her cankles up on a raised dais in front of a huge, darkened arena and begins to speak to the nervous, standing room only crowd:

"I have heard it said that many of you have felt, at times, that I or the DNC don't really think your issues are important beyond what we have to say to benefit from your votes. Nothing could be further from the truth! In spite of scurrilous claims on talk radio, and in spite of the fact that it fell to Republican administrations to appoint African-Americans to prominent cabinet positions, or that the Democrat party of New York purportedly coerced an eminently qualified African-American to not run for the Senate seat I now hold,

(She raises her voice to the verge of her well known screech because a growing, enthusiastic roar from the next hall over makes it increasingly diffucult for her to be heard)

it is VITAL that you understand that YOUR interests are at stake as you go to vote for ME in your capacity as super delegates!...."

A voice from the hall interrupts:

"Madam senator? The Democrat super delegates and black folks are next door. We are the conservative minority of the Republican party. John McCain was supposed to be here to explain why we are supposed to vote for him, but we just found out he's next door promising open-ended welfare benefits, restrictions on talk radio, and socialized health care."

It's a funny old world, aint' it?

(updated for comedic impact and minor grammatical tweaking)

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