Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Message From The Fringe

Posted as a comment to this post over at neo-neocon:

The Dems don’t have a problem recognizing their enemy. They are called “Republicans”. Granted, the caricature of racist, homophobic, jeebus screechers is not quite accurate, but it’s worked to galvanize the Best and Brightest toward larger turnouts than the hapless Republicans.

Let them have their presidency. Let them have the power they crave. Give them everything the nutroots crave.

Give them the house. And the senate.

And by all means, they can nominate a couple of judges. Who was that attorney convicted a few years back for passing communications for the blind sheik? That one! She’s the face and heart of the progressive movement. Give them control over the last non-electoral, half-assed obstacle to totalitarianism that exists.

Give them power.

I’ve gotten three phone calls this evening. One from a national polling outfit, asking if they could get my opinion on the primary races; I shut them off with “I will not cast a vote for John McCain.” The second was the Utah County Republicans asking if I was intending to caucus this year, and if I had any interest in being a delegate again. I told them that as a newly registered Independent I wasn’t eligible. The third was from the Leavitt campaign. I declined the invitation to a barbeque, on the same principle.

In a representative republic that wasn’t populated by zero attention span historical illiterates who can’t balance a checkbook or compute compound interest, the vast bulk of our elected federal government would be building desks down in Georgia someplace.

Muslims would be pretty scarce in the civilized world, too, but that subject will be coming up time after time in the next few years, so it can wait.

Michael, Senator McCain will lose to either Dem candidate, and it won’t even be close. There’s no reason for it to be close; the Dems are on fire to surrender to their new overlords and the Republicans aren’t going to make much of an effort to vote for their own liberal Democrat.

You want a metric you can follow? You might watch the stock market. Smart money is already moving for cover at a pretty brisk pace.

Myself, I’m going to watch military retention, by quarter. You want to know where the SMART and EXPOSED people think things are headed? Watch those numbers.

I’d shed a tear if I had any left. All power is ultimately responsibility. We do not have, in either party, viable leadership that will acknowledge that reality. It’s all a game to them.

Have a fine one, and we’ll see how that “fringe” stuff works out in November.

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