Tuesday, February 05, 2008


A few days back I followed an Instapundit link to a post by Mr.Bill Quick where he laid out his case for not voting for John McCain should he end up the Republican candidate. I contributed a comment that laid out very bluntly my own decision to neither support nor cast a vote for McCain should he be the nominee. neo-neocon weighed in with her opinion that the conservatives were jumping the shark. Mr. Gerard Vanderluen cranked out an essay (under the subhead "Useful Idiots") here , where I had yet another opportunity to disagree with someone I admire and am proud to have on my modest blogroll, as well. In the meantime, neo wrote another post wherein Mr. Michael J. Totten, in the comments, called me out based on a discussion we had on his forum during the last presidential election.

Work and responsibilities prevent an immediate response. I need to research and see how much crow, if any, I need to order, and then attempt to come up with an essay worth anyone's time to read.

Have a fine one, all. I hope to have something by this evening but it may be late.

Oh, and if you are in a state conducting its primary today, get out there and VOTE! I already did.

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