Friday, February 29, 2008

Rack Report

At Gunnies in Orem, a 1943 Izhevsk production M91/30 retired sniper (follow the link and scroll down to the "Ex sniper" section).

Metal fit and finish is very good, with a very good trigger that takes up short and breaks clean around four pounds. Bore is brighter than I am used to seeing with clean rifling and no discernible pitting. Counterbore shows faint traces of the original chamfer after rearsenal recrowning; there is no deep counterbore as I found on my last purchase. The screw/pin holes for the PU mount on the left side of the receiver are filled cleanly. They are invisible from outside and the bluing job on the receiver is excellent.

There is a struck-through seven digit number on the left side of the barrel ring. The alpha /numeric serial stamped on the receiver matches the bolt and butt plate, while the bottom metal matches but shows a lined - out number as well.

Wood is typical post-war Mosin, with more dings than I usually see BUT with a bunch of cartouches that I haven't seen before, either.

Sweet for $84.99, including a bayonet, two-pocket ammo pouch, cleaning tools, combo tool, and solvent/oil bottle.

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