Saturday, April 03, 2010

Batching It

Mrs. TmjUtah and the Last Goddess are on the road to Cabo!

My youngest daughter pulled almost 4.0 the last two years of high school and has been taking college courses this last year as well.

Mrs. Utah and I decided that special effort and results demanded recognition and reward beyond a nice dinner out or a reasonably used economy car... so the Goddess is cruising the Mexican Riviera for seven days, and Mom gets to get out of the house during the last snows of the winter.

Me? I get to finish my garages. The one spanning Block 75 just off Temple Square in Salt Lake, and the modest cinder block affair off the back of the Home of the Team here in south Orem.

I have BIG PLANS... but to name them would kill them. Look for an update in these spaces.

Off to the vet to get our allergy cat shot (with her SERUM. Geeze. Happens every Saturday, folks.)

I'm still looking for a buyer for my old 'Burb; want a parts price (it runs) and then I'll change that gelt right into Mosins or bulk ammo.

On the road....

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