Monday, April 05, 2010

It's Official!


The way a strategic deterrent works is that you publish the rules and then follow them. Simple rules. Known consequences. The dead certainty that actions will bring crushing retaliation.

Say goodbye to all that. I believe that this president has never won a fist fight. He might have scuttled the odd career or assassinated a character or two on his way up the thug life ladder in Chi. But the President of the United States has just telegraphed to the world that he thinks that "smart" or worse, "clever", counts for something on the field he's just stepped upon.

Simple. Known. Accepted. Well, we'll see how high the pile is, I guess.

At least now I understand now why Joe Biden is the vice president. Barak Obama picked the Senator from Delaware because Obama valued his keen intellect.

Somewhere, Jimmy Carter is weeping quiet tears of gratitude. He's off the hook.

Will the Democratic congressional caucus be able to fill a bridge table after 2012? If the world was fair - no, not a chance... but the only way out for the Dems is to be ready to impeach Obama at the drop of a hat, and then drop it themselves. And that's not going to happen - not with O being the second black president and all.

Not that the Republicans have anything going for them. But not being a Democrat might just be the most important quality a candidate or incumbent can have going into 2010 and beyond.

I've sold my old burb to the recycler, FedExed oldest Goddesses' long board to the East Coast, and repaired a niggling bolt issue on a good friend's Mosin Nagant M44.

Have a fine evening.

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