Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I believe that the timing of the Goldman Sachs suit is near the end of - and possibly the climax - of a decades - long list of actions planned, and now executed, by Leftist agents intent on destroying the Republic.

Destroy the national economy by accumulating debt four or five times greater than the annual GDP, compounded by unbelievably onerous taxation spiced with a shotgun blast of mandates, regulations, new entitlements, and oh by the way destroy the currency while they are at it...


Destroy the populations faith in free markets by regulating them out of existence over decades of incremental nationalization.

Then blame business for the collapse. Show trials to follow. Followed (immediately, as we have seen in the last couple of days) by even more onerous government siezure of control.


Destroy the faith of the citizenry in the representative republic form of government.

Well, if Obama, Reid, and Pelosi don't alarm you, you probably don't pay attention anyway...


Destroy the moral, ethical, and scholarly foundations of what a citizen should be, aiming instead, via public education, to create classes of victims conveniently manipulated as needed by whatever Leftist faction floats to the top of the current political cycle.

Go ask Bill Ayers what a Weatherman would do if he could end up writing curricula for public schools. Bring a camera; he'll be happy to talk to you.

Being right is supposed to bring ... joy? Satisfaction? Not here, not now.

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