Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Action Commenced at Six Bells in the Morning Watch

Mrs. TmjUtah and I arrived at the polls ten minutes before the doors opened. Weather was clear, tempature about 23F. There were about a dozen people waiting at the doors ahead of us.

One of the people in front of us asked for and received a provisional ballot. He voluntarily produced a picture I.D. and was vouched for by a registered neighbor, neither of which is a statutory requirement. There were three poll workers at the table and one poll watcher - I assume that was her function based on a different format name tag and the fact I've never seen the form she was filling out before this election. There was a media representative present; apparently media has a pool system set up to observe the balloting. Her name tag had logos from CNN to FOX to NPR printed around its border.

What a fine day. It felt like stepping off the ramp into cold water all over again. Now let's just see if we can make it up the beach and into the trees.

I would appreciate any stories you might have of your voting experience. This day is the distillation of all that makes us a great nation. If you don't leave a comment...at least get out and vote for your candidate wherever you are. There are more issues at stake than just the presidency, and this is your day to make a difference.

Let's make this one count, people.

UPDATE at 0800: I forgot to mention that by the time we had voted, the line behind us for our precinct was about thirty or forty deep. Our local CBS radio affiliate has reported that a poll watcher was ejected from a polling station in Salt Lake for screaming at people. Go figure.

UPDATE at 0815: The age spread at our polling place (three precincts vote at the same school tended toward seniors, but only barely. Lots of twenty-somethings mixed in with the crowd.

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