Friday, November 26, 2004

Not For Hire

I'm not Mississippi pilot, but I do shoot a bit. I have never charged for coaching - I get more than enough value for my time by passing on the skill and seeing new shooters join the ranks of armed citizens.

I shoot pistol and small bore rifle at The Shooting Academy (no link; neanderthals) in Lindon, Utah, once or twice a month. I have coached Marines, single moms, Boy Scouts, minors, senior citizens, and family friends over the last twenty years or so. I also reload for a grundle of different rifle and pistol calibers and am always ready to exchange opinions or advice on that subject, too.

The second thing I saw the first time I met my wife-to-be was a 'no nukes' sticker on the neck of her guitar case. East coast liberal. She has since (long since) learned to shoot paper targets better than I do. We've mellowed each other out over the years.

My sidearm of choice is a slightly-customized Springfield Armory M1911A1 in .45ACP. There's nothing faster for double-taps nor mechanically safer for ready carry, even if it is a heavy beast. It rides in either a Kydex or Galco holster, depending on what level of concealment I want.

If you live in the Utah county area and are interested in meeting up for an introduction to safe shooting or just a nice day punching paper, feel free to drop me an email at tmjutah at Questions or opinions on shooting/reloading/2d Amendment issues are always welcome, too.

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