Saturday, November 06, 2004

Life Calls

I haven't been around lately. The reasons for that include all of the following, in no particular order:

1. Followed the elections from about 6 p.m. local until almost two in the morning. Up at 0345 to run my sister in law up to SLC to catch her flight. More 'net surfing through the aftermath...Fatigue meltdown early Wednesday afternoon.

2. Caffeine overdose Thursday morning, leading to disastrous evening remodeling experience. Harsh words were exchanged between Mrs. TmjUtah and me. Yes, I spent twenty years of my life laying out highways, dams, and bridges, but I couldn't locate a light switch cutout on a sheet of drywall to save my life.

3. Paying bills, contacting lawyers, seeking investment advice and other loathsome paperwork details involved with estate planning. This is ongoing, and dammit, we live a simple life here. Bright side note: most advisors have praised the reforms on corporate dividends enacted by Bush so far.

4. Preparing to assemble the tools and implements for a small forge. More on that later, after I finally get the huge dead travel trailer off the pad I need for the forge. Hopefully there will be knifeblades to play with in the not-too distant future.

5. Preparing to accept two four week old kittens for fostering...after finding out that one of our cats has ringworm. That means setting up an isolation kennel and EVERYTHING that can go in a washing machine has to be washed before 1100 tomorrow.

6. And I'm speechless as to the Democrat reaction to the election. Moonbat is too kind a word for much of what has appeared in print or across the airwaves. Many months ago I posted somewhere that there are people that you convince and then there are people you just have to beat.

Looks like the Democrats, at least a large percentage of them, fall in the latter group. The Elder, posting at Fraters Libertas sums it all up quite well. Note: Not work safe, profanity.

And to end on a serious note, all indications are pointing to immanent action in Iraq. Please remember our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen in your prayers or good wishes. We are in a war, and we reelected our president largely because he pledged to win it. The tactical pause necessary for him to weather the coordinated attacks by the disloyal Left, their media and entertainment surrogates, and to prepare the battlefield is coming to an end.

Now we can get back to draining the swamp.


WichitaBoy said...

We are indeed at war. But there is more than one war being fought. It is the internal war that is probably the more important one in the long run.

As I noted in previous comments, in war it is the psychological war that really matters, more than the physical war. If you can convince people psychologically that a physical defeat was actually a victory then you're in high cotton. Consider how the North Vietnamese managed to make their physical battleground defeat at Tet appear to be a victory in the eyes of the American MSM.

Now apply that thinking to the internal war being waged and it's clear what's going on. The MSM and their Democratic masters were defeated at the polls. If they could spin this as a bunch of wacko Republicans voting to eat babies they would do so, because certain values even trump Democracy. Their current campaign, to insinuate that all that really happened was that a bunch of homophobic closet-racist Bible-thumpers won, is the next best thing.

The physical war is over but the psychological war continues. Never say die.

ForNow said...

That was a damned good comment which you just posted at You should post it here (after a “decent interval” I suppose). I’m sorry I haven’t visited here lately, I’ll bookmark this time.

Rick Ballard said...


Can you conceive of the MSM ever regaining the stature that it held when it was promoting the 'all is lost' meme on Vietnam? I think that the MSM is in a long death spiral. It certainly pulled out all the stops in this election and I believe that had the blogoverse been in the same state today that it was in 2000, the MSM might have pushed Kerry over the line. Fortunately, it is not in the same state and the results speak for themselves.

I agree that the fight is not over but I believe 'on to victory' may be more appropriate than 'never say die'.

Jamie Irons said...


Believe it or not, as far as I know I still own a forge on the Navajo Reservation, in Ganado, Arizona. Not all that far from you, when you consider.

You're welcome to it... (If nobody has hauled it off since 1976!)


Jamie Irons

TmjUtah said...

Shucks, Jamie. What a delightful excuse to make a run south of the ditch...

Just what is it you do now? Counseling? And you owned a forge once. How cool.