Monday, November 22, 2004


I am taping with an eight inch knife. That means I have one more knife and two rounds of sanding before I paint.

My next home will be constructed from blocks of sod hewn out of the prairie or mud bricks. Or concrete slabs coated with a spray-applied self-levelling precolored plastic foam.

But I will do the rest of this basement first.

Have a fine day.


PB said...

Hooo Boy! Basement finishing. We start ours in the spring. Am predicting several thousand squabbles with my spouse - because I am not taping straight, or because he is snapping at me. We refinished a room together before - knocked down a plaster wall. I moved out temporarilly to a dust free apartment. Probably saved our marriage. WHY are we doing this again? Oh - yeah - that's will add value and double the square footage of our home. Yes. Looking forward to spring. Good luck on your project. And I hope it goes smoothly and ends up looking wonderful!

TmjUtah said...

Don't start until you have a plan in hand.

If I had it to do over, I would have knocked down a wall, too. May well end up doing it when we refinish the entire basement, too. We are replumbing, too - how about copper service to the house, going to iron until it gets to the water heater (I installed dielectric fittings) then galvanized for MOST of the house...until you get to the far corner of the basement where a previous owner plumbed a bath with copper.

The transition is inside a wall. I don't know if there are dielectric couplers on those lines but nothing has failed yet. We'll redo the whole thing in copper this spring.

Who puts dark panelling in a basement? And brown carpet???

We could put a carbon arc lamp at waist height in any of the unfinished rooms. Then you would have a dark room with a bright light. The new room has recessed lighting and will be finished in bright blue with a sponge applique of almost lavender purple. We already did a test sheet of drywall and it looks great.