Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Home Improvement

Next time you have to pay $250 to have a custom vanity top made, and cannot be at home to personally inspect the installation, make sure to mark the centerline of sink on the wall.

Yes, be SURE you do that, even if you have a standard medicine cabinet w/mirror centered above the plumbing stubouts.

The new sink is centered on the CL of the cabinet doors - six inches LEFT of any plumbing or the mirror. Nice looking countertop, though.

It's my fault for assuming. Time will tell if the anger I will feel every time I crowd left to shave over the sink will generate another countertop or not. I am not optomistic. No, I can't move the cabinet - it sits between the wall studs.

Time will tell.

It's a rain day. I'm off to caulk my self-rimming Crane sink and install the faucet. I'll be running to the hardware store for another length of drain pipe.

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