Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Touching Base


I've missed a week. And one day, as well.

My respect for prolific bloggers who hold down jobs and professions has grown by leaps and bounds as the days have filed past. I began my blog in September of last year, after being a prolific commenter on various and sundry other forums. I wasn't working - outside the house - and the radio was on continuously, the papers got read, and I followed the big dogs from hot topic to burning issue to contentious debate, and I participated with gusto. I was better than reasonably well informed, as much as an outsider could be, as far as the machinations of media, politics, and world events were concerned.

My cell phone works in two stretches of road on my project. Text messages can reach me other places, but all they are used for is to ask me to call in. I can get radio on the way in and on the way out, but onsite the action happens outside the truck and at a furious pace, so if I catch the noon news I count myself lucky. I leave the house at six, and get home after six... on normal days.

Saturday work is going to be the norm for at least the next three months.

The domestic rites of spring include yardwork, swamp coolers, cleaning, and the looming necessity of replumbing/remodeling our kitchen and the bathroom that shares the same wall.

Don't know how I'll fill this space with events worth the time of the occasional visitor. Content probably won't be long on politics, and may well trend to the technical aspects of large project construction surveying.

Anyone can tell you that Ted Kennedy is an ass. Hang out here and you may learn how to slope stake a road. Or why manholes are never more than three hundred fifty feet apart...

This will be the summer of labor that precedes the winter of change. We hope.

Have a fine day.

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