Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Time To Mount Up, People

Hey - are you a blogger?

Do you read blogs?

Of course you do one or the other, if not both - you're here!

Now go here and make your call.

I apologize for the light blogging of late, and especially for not passing the baton so graciously offered to me by neo-neocon.

Commenter Wichita Boy emailed me with a query about comments; I've seen no problems here except for the fact that Haloscan doesn't load up very quickly every now and again.

My life is rather too full right now.

I did take the time to reregister as an Independent today, though.

The Republicans can do their thing without my money, my time, and just possibly my vote.

I look forward to the next, and last, phone call I will be getting from the RNC. I've gotten one every month or so since six months before the election.

Rolled like a drunk. And the kicker is that I am not surprised at all.

1 comment:

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