Thursday, October 14, 2004


Vodkapundit has posted a great essay, "It's How You Play The Game", about election fraud.

I agree with him. Further, I propose that there is no national Democrat party beyond the people authorized to sign checks at the National Committee. If Terry McAullife were to split for Aruba some moonless night the party faithful would find their party to consist of an overpriced office building, some mailing lists, and a fax machine. There is no coherent alliance of progressive individuals dedicated to public service or the greater good of the nation any more - just a wildly disparate group of competing agendas scrambling for ever dwindling power, and the receding class of professional politicians that owe their offices to them. The true herd of cats.

What we see here is just another example of the pre-production work for Hillary '08. Nothing more. If Kerry had been able to actually lead his party vice the shameless hollow pandering he has executed just to keep his base he might have had some way to articulate a positive alternative to the Bush administration. That's an impossible mission. He had to take Dean's base from the beginning and with that base comes the requirement you be anti-capitalist, big government, and believe that America is evil.

The price of conforming to these orthodoxies has cost the Democrats power for over twenty years. They cost to the nation was measured in balkanization, declining public education, and the rise of an entitlement demographic that grew exponentially. These days, the closer to national power a Democrat candidate tries to get, he gets further away from the remaining concentrated dependency/victim class urban constituencies that consistently return their checkwriters to office. Bill Clinton ran in '92 not because the time was right for a liberal renaissance but because he was afraid that there wouldn't be a party left to exploit should Bush have a second term. Clinton was even smart enough to cultivate the DLC credentials and introduce the 'new democrat' talking point specifically to separate himself from the moribund D.C. elite. He wanted to be president; the party cared more about having a party member in the oval office more than what kind of man they were actually dealing with. The media was desperate for a democrat president.

The base of the Democrat party objects to the concepts that have made it possible for this country to arrive at this place as the most free nation on the planet, and the last superpower. Their own ideas failed in execution from the thirties through the seventies and the long road back to individual responsibility and the end of generational welfare is one they refuse to acknowledge as a success.

All indications are that they intend to sabotage these elections and run the very real risk of destroying the trust and confidence of the wider electorate in elections. This in a time of war. They've abandoned legislating their agendas in favor of judicial fiat for over two decades already. With Bush's reelection they see the end of their last instrument of power - Bush will certainly appoint constitutional constructionists to the Federal bench. He will also privatize wide swathes of the entitlement swamp, force accountability into public education, and push hard for tort reform. He'll probably cut taxes again. And he won't pander to groups based on color or ethnicity; he will speak to the nation as a whole because that was what we were intended to be: citizens united by a dream of freedom. Not groups to be farmed for votes.

Every tax cut makes us more free. Every tax cut means less money for the federal government players to redistribute and overdraw on. Every tax cut carries the defense of forcing politicians to go on record when they try to raise them. Every move that strengthens personal property rights and rewards individual efforts to excel weakens any chance that the Democrats can recreate the entitlement herd so vital to their agenda.

There should be NO surprise at the tactics and strategies being employed by the Democrats now, and what we see coming with manufactured class/race conflicts sure to come. Kerry must lose this round, but for McAullife and the Clintons the real need is to keep the hate stoked for the next four years.

People who hate don't think, you see, and that's exactly what the Top Tier wants to exploit come 2008. In four years the heavy lifting will have been done just like it was in 1992; we may even try to celebrate the end of history again. What happened to G.H.W. Bush was what happened to Winston Churchill. There's nothing that says we won't screw up and do it again.

They have nothing to offer. Not in the past, not now, not even in time of war. Their politics is about power, not duty. They can only take.

I haven't voted a straight ticket since '88. I think it is time for me to do it again, though. If the Democrats are determined to destroy the system they cannot compete in, they should be excluded from government until they can bring themselves to participate in, not sabotage, the debate.

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