Monday, October 25, 2004

IOU's or Cash?

Here's an interesting article about Social Security.

I'm a tail-end babyboomer. I don't expect to see squat from what I've paid into the system. Do you?

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WichitaBoy said...

Did you read Mark Steyn's comment to the effect that when government is in charge of health care, the major effect is for all elections to be primarily about health care? Whatever the pros and cons of the Social Security system, its existence has assured that for an ever-growing fraction of our population elections will be about keeping the spigot locked firmly in the "On" position.

The Social Security system has created a huge body of dependent citizens. These are people who have passed from the original conception of American citizens as strong independent actors into a new condition of servitude to the federal government. By this means the Democratic party has bought itself a rock-solid constituency. These people will immediately vote against anybody who even hints that he might change things, and who can blame them? In most cases it's all they have and it's damn little at that.

As for the future of the system, we'll just kick that down the road, like we always do.