Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tonight's Debate

Will not be blogged here. Enough is enough.

I am locked in a death battle with my basementremodel.

I wonder why Kerry's Navy seperation is packed with the odor of three day dead tuna but am comfortable with the fact we'll never know - unless it looks like he's got a chance to win. Then a helpful fax from Chapaqua will drive the stake well and truly home. One of the most depressing aspects of the Kerry dog and pony show was the monumental waste of time its been. Then there's the subgutter rhetoric and poisoned political arena...but that was as much the design as having a zero like Kerry end up in the catbird seat.

Even if Kerry was seperated under censure because of his treasonous contacts with the North Vietnamese (and who ever else he felt like sucking up to) by a mean-spirited Nixon still doesn't change the fact that he's a treasonous flighty bastard with zero credibility as a candidate for president. Or as dog catcher. He is uniquely qualified for elected office from Massachussets, though. Let him stay there.

Leaving before the sun tomorrow to hunt Strawberry again. The Eldest Goddess has not raised her Algebra grade, so will be in school.


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Rick Ballard said...

Good hunting and good for you in sticking with your rules. She can whip algebra.