Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sure Feels Like a Monday Here

I just dropped a pencil. I was trying to initial some study/reading logs for the girls while simultaneously preaching about the virtues of made beds, clean rooms, completed chores, and the benefits of cheerful cooperation getting ready for school when I lofted the pencil. Juggled once, reaching stab, missed, it was falling to the floor, spin in the command chair and lunge to catch it...and I've just given the corner of the CPU a Liverpool Kiss that would kill a UK soccer hooligan. Heinlein was right - all humor is based on pain.

The Goddesses are howling.

Michael Moore will be in town at Utah Valley State College this afternoon. Scalpers are getting a hundred dollars a pop for tickets. KSL Radio has announced that Moore will have Roseanne Barr on stage as a surprise guest. Sounds like a Godfather horse head moment for the people who bought tickets. I won't be there. I was supposed to hunt today and tomorrow.

It has been raining here for two days. That means two days of snow up in the mountains, which means I'm not going out. The last time I hunted that area in snow I was a passenger in a short wheelbase Toyota four wheel drive truck wearing 33" knobbies and chains all the way around. We didn't see any deer (that was the season) but I took several pictures of dead Fords and Chevys upside down in the trees below the road. The reason I replaced my J55 Landcruiser wagon was to put an end to those midnight phone calls to the One True Love asking her to send out friends with shovels and winches to help me recover from yet another instance of a man denying his limitations. And to stop subsidizing mechanics' kids' Dartmouth experiences, to be honest.

I can't get in that kind of trouble with the Mighty 'Burb. And that's o.k.

My head hurts. And the hard drive on the CPU sounds angry, too. Ouch.

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