Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dead Pool

1. How long does the energy supply deficit go ignored before the costs of feed, food, transport, critical fertilizers, asphalt, and the resultant cascade of retail profit loss go on before the argument gets away from blogs and pundits?

We're looking at a wholly avoidable catastrophe here. It is spectacularly crystal clear that nobody in any position of responsibility on any side is willing to stand up and point out that the cliff is probably behind us by now...

2. Will the Israelis use nukes or not when they go to Iran? I am out of the loop on their capabilities to project conventional power. I think that any IDF air operation will demand at least our cooperation if not our tangible support via tanker and reconnaissance assets.

I still believe that the US is going to do the job. Whether in July or after the election, I don't know. The longer time goes by, the less difference in outcome I see between Obama or McCain. Marxism or hubris, take your pick.

3. Is it possible for a political movement to get trapped in an orgasmic state? In my opinion the Dems' proposals to nationalize refining and the statement by the NASA Soros stooge Hansen that oil execs are guilty of "crimes against humanity" and should be prosecuted as such are strong evidence to support such a judgement.

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