Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Saying

The following was posted as a comment here:

The nuclear disaster at Chernobyl is a useful metaphor for what is about to happen to our country.

The Sov engineers were so proud of their efficiency and competence that they ran the reactor above capacity to see what would happen.

Then they started disabling safety systems. To see what would happen.

Then there was an incident.

Our congress and courts are clearly disconnected from reality and have been for quite some time. Obama is poised to be the worst prepared president, philosophically and ideologically, we’ve ever inflicted upon ourselves.

We won’t name our enemies while spending a billion dollars a week, give or take, in combat. With somebody. We won’t name victory conditions. We tolerate opposition politicians consorting with the enemy and leaking anything and everything they think will garner them political points. Or that will hurt the country, which they do in the name of sabotaging the executive, which is the only branch still semi-interested in doing its duty under the Constitution.

We won’t teach our kids to read, write, or do math, or any history, lest they become “problem constituents” who decline to be victims or subsidy citizens. Our teachers UNIONS are a more clear and present danger than any bearded ass in a cave somewhere… but the guy in the cave knows it and uses that knowledge on a daily basis.

We won’t develop our own fuel sources. We won’t invest in infrastructure necessary to process and transport the coal, oil, and gas we have now. We won’t build efficient, safe, and carbon negative nuclear because of a combination of interests that profit from stressed, economically disadvantaged, non mobile populations. High on that list is, again, the vote farmers in the congress, but also independent social engineers along the lines of Soros, Chomsky, and others, who have worked hard to sabotage our free market economy in order that they can have one more run at the utopic marxist state.

They are willing to kill another few hundred million. This time they’ll get it right!

We are turning off the breakers and bridging the fuzes with gum wrappers. CFR, Kelo, Habeous for illegal combatants, socialized medicine, and we’ve got the Democrats slavering the tax the investment class, the middle class,, and the rich out of existence. All the while while emerging foreign economies teach their elementary school kids trig and enact flat income taxes and continue to lower corporate taxes.

We’re going to wake up a second tier country one day soon if we don’t change the agents that are killing our nation. Electing a hack like Obama will just accelerate the process but in all fairness he’s a very small fish in a huge pond full of obscenely bloated carp.

Have a nice day!

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